Who we are


William is part of the third generation of Converso olive growers who, since 1800, have been dedicated to olive growing in ancient Rossano, close to the pristine pre-Silane hills , In Calabria. Since the 70s he has been cultivating and producing naturally , carrying on production as he was taught by his father and grandfather but, adding innovation and growth.

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In 2000, in addition to perfecting the production process by introducing state-of-the-art machinery to defend the quality of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil involves the children in the family business Emma and Giandomenico , today its first supporters.


The oil is produced exclusively from the processing of healthy olives, harvested from the plant at the right point of ripeness and pressed with a cold extraction system within 6 hours. The result is a fine extra virgin olive oil with intense and harmonious olfactory notes of a fresh grass fruity and predominantly sweet taste, with slightly spicy and bitter notes.

The production today represents the perfect integration between the most modern technologies and the most ancient local traditions. The authenticity of the product summarizes all the tradition, experience and passion that over the years has linked entire generations, around a real cult for this wonderful plant and its precious extract.

The Frantoio Converso is proud to be able to directly carry out the entire production cycle: from harvesting to milling, which takes place within the following 12 hours, to the bottling and packaging of the finished product directly on site. The company is attentive to the environment and is certified Bio since 1982.


When tradition meets < strong> innovation , something magical happens: the simplest gestures, handed down from generation to generation, are enriched to transform themselves into something new. The idea to diversify the production by including cosmetics was born in 2013 from the commitment of Emma : the only woman in the company, fresh from university and for some time looking for a solution and innovative for the family tradition.

Emma draws on her love for the earth and for cosmetics that she has had since she was a child, when she enjoyed mixing medicinal herbs collected in the countryside in her grandfather's old mortar. She decides to start with her grandparents' recipes and homemade olive oil soap, but she dreams big.

By personally testing all the solutions studied in the laboratory, starting from a high quality raw material , he develops a line of cosmetic products to make his way into an expanding sector, in which the culture of natural beauty goes increasingly affirming itself together with a new awareness of consumers, increasingly attentive to the composition and sustainability of products. She decides to call the EMY line, the name by which she was called as a child, to be recognizable among the different "Emma" present in the family, and which perhaps feels a little more hers.

A simple but absolutely winning idea: high quality natural cosmetics, the result of constant research thanks to the precious collaboration of three biologists.