L'importanza dell'Olio EVO nell'alimentazione dei bambini

The importance of EVO oil in children's nutrition

The choice of extra virgin olive oil to flavor your children 's meals is very important. Recent studies have shown how beneficially it can affect their growth. This is why it is essential not to choose just any one on the shelf, but to pay attention to the label and select the right one.

How to choose a quality extra virgin olive oil

  • Extra virgin , because it is rich in precious antioxidants for feeding the child from the first months of life during weaning, but also for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

  • Cold extracted , means that the processing cycle is carried out at a controlled temperature not exceeding 27 degrees.

  • Italian , because by consuming Italian and local products you safeguard the national economy and consequently the future of your children.

  • Organic , because it is a product controlled and analyzed by a specific body, traced from the first stage of the olive harvest to the bottling of the oil.

Our choice: Seligere

You prefer a balanced and pleasant-tasting oil for your baby. Each cultivar is different from the other and will produce different tastes and flavors, we recommend our Seligere organic extra virgin olive oil , a delicate fruity with low acidity. Its name Seligere, from the Latin to choose, anticipates the description of the oil: produced only from Carolea olives harvested and selected on the plant at the right point of ripeness and pressed in the mill within 6 hours. We never pick olives from the ground because it would mean lowering the quality of the oil. With its high polyphenol content, Seligere represents a precious ally and protection for your child's body. It is highly digestible and therefore particularly suitable for the little ones, preventing the phenomenon of constipation. Don't save on the purchase of oil, a healthy and quality diet will make your children grow up healthy.

Did you know that..

Extra virgin olive oil has a composition of essential fatty acids similar to mother's milk with the same percentage of linoleic acid (Omega 6) and this makes it essential for the development of the brain system.

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